Frequently Asked Question

We have tried to cover most of the FAQ’s here. If you have a additional question you can reach us directly at 828-755-5062 or Email: rentals@offroadadventuresnc.com

Who is allowed to drive the UTV?

Where can I drive the UTV?

Do you provide helmets?

What can I use the UTV for?

What if I get stuck or get a flat tire?

What if I damage the UTV ?

What if I need gas?

What if I need to cancel my reservation?



We want you to fully enjoy the trails available at Blue Ridge Mountain Club. With that in mind there are a few Prohibited Uses of the UTV Rental.

Prohibited Uses of Vehicle. The Vehicle may not be used:

  1. By anyone who is not an Authorized Driver; 
  2. By anyone under the influence of prescription or nonprescription drugs or alcohol;
  3. By anyone who obtained the Vehicle or extended the rental period by giving us false, fraudulent or misleading information;
  4. By anyone in furtherance of any illegal purpose or under any circumstance that would constitute a violation of law, other than a minor traffic violation;
  5. To push or tow anything, or in any race, speed test or contest, or while teaching anyone to drive the Vehicle;
  6. To carry dangerous or hazardous items or illegal materiel in or on the Vehicle;
  7. To carry persons or property for hire;
  8. By anyone who gives us false or misleading information;
  9. To intentionally cause damage or engage in grossly negligent conduct;
  10. Outside the geographic driving restriction;
  11. By anyone who is sending an electronic message, including text (SMS) messages or emails, while operating the Vehicle;
  12. On other than designated trails and approved unpaved and paved roads and are not allowed on any designated hiking or equestrian trails;
  13. Within federal or state-owned property without written permission from the proper authority, nor within any area where Vehicle is prohibited by any public entities, private entities, or private individuals, as ORA is not an invitee within any areas where Vehicle is prohibited;
  14. With more than the Vehicle’s stated passenger capacity;
  15. In violation of any “Rules of the Road”, especially NC public road laws, “Blue Ridge Mountain Club Rules for Guests”, vehicle safety and operations training or other similar materials that we provide to you prior to or at the time of rental.
  16. Any prohibited use of the Vehicle violates this Agreement and voids or deprives you of all benefits, protection and optional coverage, if any, to which you would have otherwise been entitled to under this Agreement.


Off Road Adventures has helmets available for your use free of charge. If you have your own helmet we encourage you to use it. We have taken every precaution and have sanitized each helmet after use. We have addition cleaning supplies available should you want to clean it as well. We highly recommend using a helmet when traveling Off-road. Smaller children are highly encouraged to wear some form of head protection at all times when riding in the UTV.



If the vehicle needs fuel or repair please call 828-755-5062. If the vehicle is damaged and someone is injured please dial 911. After checking on everyone please call 828-755-5062 to report the damage. You must return the Vehicle to the ORA operations center so fluid levels can be checked, if rented for more than a seven-day period of time. When you return the Vehicle at the conclusion of the rental, it will be refueled by ORA and fuel will be charged to your rental account. It is understood that the Vehicle will be picked up and returned to ORA’s operations center located at 2068 Old Beech Mountain Road, Elk Park, NC 28622.


Where can I ride?

Please refer to the Lue Ridge Mountain Club Trail Guide for authorized trials.

ATV’s may not be used for pleasure riding on the Blue Ridge Mountain Club roadways other than as allowed.
NO ATV’s are permitted to be on any sports fields.
ATV riders shall observe North Carolina’s public road laws while using the paved roads in Blue Ridge Mountain Club.
ATV’s are strictly prohibited from being driven on vacant lots, private property, and the lawns of Blue Ridge Mountain Club.

  1. ATVs are to be ridden ONLY on designated ATV trails, with the exception of use as transportation to and from another Blue Ridge Mountain Club property, to and from any common area, or to and from the designated ATV trails.
  2. NO ATV’s are permitted to be on any sport fields or private lots or other common areas of grass or pea gravel. Any driver caught doing “donuts” in grass or gravel areas will be fined and their ATV will be immediately revoked.
  3. Do not drive ATV’s on marked empty lots. These are considered private property.
  4. Do not operate ATV without regard for safety of others or in a way that endangers another person or property.
  5. Ride designated areas at own risk.
  6. If your ATV breaks down or gets stuck please call your ATV rental company for assistance.
  7. Blue Ridge Mountain Club observes a quiet time of 10pm-8am. Please be courteous and aware when you are driving at night past homes. These machines can be loud and disruptive.

Age limit?

Age limit?

You must be a 25 year old licensed driver to rent, 21 year old licensed driver to drive with renters consent of responsibility. Youth passengers: under the age of 3 years old are prohibited from riding in the vehicle.



Reservations canceled fourteen (14) days or less before the first scheduled rental date of the UTV, will still pay the entire full amount of your rental charges. These charges, minus the $100 non-refundable deposit, will be kept on-file and can be applied as a credit towards any future reservation within 3-months but are forfeited completely after the 3-month period of time has passed.

All cancellations must be sent in dated email or written correspondence identifying both the authorized renter’s full name and the 4-digit reservation number. All cancellations must be approved and responded to by Off Road Adventures to be deemed complete.

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